WHITE PAPER – Fast Thermal Characterization and Testing of Your Electronic Devices

Save Time and Reduce Costs During Product Development

Why Do You Need Fast Thermal Characterization?

The thermal characterization process is often a rigorous and painstaking task. It involves wiring setups of multiple temperature points and measuring other types of signals such as voltage, current, resistance, and more. To accurately characterize the prototype product, you need to have sufficient test data to support the findings statistically. Very often, you must repeat the process many times until the
product development stage is final.

A fast thermal characterization process provides the following advantages:

•Quick initial quantitative insight into your product’s thermal characteristics
•Fast turnaround time to troubleshoot your products
•Flexibility for many iterations and comprehensive testing

Importance of Thermal Characterization and Testing
The business impact of incomplete or inaccurate design characterization is higher than many research and development (R&D) managers realize. For example, the cost to fix errors after release is at least several times higher than during the design cycle. A defect discovered during the product development cycle can cause a schedule slip resulting in additional resource and material prototyping costs.