Solder Paste Printing & Defect Guide

solder defect guide

The Webinar

Tue, Oct 26, 2021 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM BST

This was our second webinar to support the release of our new Solder Paste Printing & Defect Guide.

Printing solder paste or other conductive material requires a zero defect approach, if a high first pass yield are to be achieved using fine pitch components. Monitoring and control of paste height and volume are becoming the norm in many markets, but what capability can we expect?

Correct printer set-up, good stencil design and manufacture plus consistent materials are key to successful manufacture but inspection and monitoring the performance makes a process more robust. The same three dimensional inspection is required in AOI applications like solder joint analysis. There are common process defects during printing and with this webinar we show you the causes and cures to help yield improvement.

The webinar is based on our “New Solder Paste Print Inspection & Defect Guide” which is provided FREE with the webinar. The session featured lots of macro video shot by the presenter to help illustrate common problem experience in manufactur.

Webinar presented by Bob Willis

Topics covered in the webinar:

  • Solder paste inspection standards
  • Soldering yield impact with poor printing
  • Common solder paste defects
  • Impact on reliability based on paste thickness
  • Solder joint inspection defects
  • Common process defects causes & cures

Solder Paste Print Inspection and Defect Guide

by Bob Willis

solder defect guide

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