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Jan 28th, 2019

WHITE PAPER – Temperature Data Logging- Making the right choice with a Data Acquisition System


There are many ways to make temperature measurements. The simplest method is to insert a temperature probe into a device under test (DUT) to measure the temperature at that point in time. What if you want to do more than that? •What if you want to measure the temperature at multiple locations in your DUT? […]


Jan 14th, 2019

WHITE PAPER – Fast Thermal Characterization and Testing of Your Electronic Devices


Save Time and Reduce Costs During Product Development Why Do You Need Fast Thermal Characterization? The thermal characterization process is often a rigorous and painstaking task. It involves wiring setups of multiple temperature points and measuring other types of signals such as voltage, current, resistance, and more. To accurately characterize the prototype product, you need […]


Jan 7th, 2019

4 Things to Consider When Using a DAQ as a Data Logger


There is a growing trend across all industries to design feature-rich products. The more features added to a product, the more complex the test development becomes. So, how do you improve your test development cycle time, choose the right components and setup to optimize your test time, and improve the accuracy of your test system? […]