WHITE PAPER – Temperature Data Logging- Making the right choice with a Data Acquisition System

There are many ways to make temperature measurements. The simplest method is to insert a temperature probe into a device under test (DUT) to measure the temperature at that point in time.
What if you want to do more than that?
•What if you want to measure the temperature at multiple locations in your DUT?
•What if you want to measure the temperature at regular intervals, such as every minute for 10 hours?
•What if you want a temperature measurement accuracy of 0.05°C?
•What if you want to set up alarm systems to trigger on temperature deviations exceeding certain thresholds?
•What if you want to make voltage, current or resistance measurements simultaneously with temperature measurements?
• What if you want to configure your measurement setup and automate all your testing without the complexity of programming?
The DAQ970A data acquisition system has high quality switching and an advanced 6 ½ digit DMM built-in that allows you to measure accurately.
•Fast reading measurements up to 5000 readings/sec and scan rates up to 450 channels/sec
•Ability to measure high voltages up to 300 Volts
•Ability to measure wide temperature range (from -200 °C to 1800 °C) for many high-performance