SMTConnect Preview – Viscom

Daniel Petereit

We caught up with Daniel Petereit, Head of Marketing at Viscom to discover more about the company’s plans for SMTConnect in Nuremberg next week…

  • Could you give our readers a small introduction to Viscom?

Founded in 1984, Viscom AG is one of the leading suppliers worldwide in the field of assembly inspection within electronics production. With its headquarters and production site in Hanover, Germany, the company develops, produces and sells high-quality inspection systems from the areas of AOI, SPI, AXI, MXI, wire bond inspection as well as conformal coating inspection. The systems developed and manufactured in Hanover set high standards in terms of accuracy and speed. The product range covers the complete spectrum of optical inspection and X-ray inspection for small and medium-sized companies as well as for large series production. Viscom systems are used for 100% automatic inspection of electronic assemblies such as those used in the production of automotive electronics, aerospace technology or in the manufacture of telecommunications electronics.


  • What products will Viscom be exhibiting at SMTConnect 2023?

At SMTConnect in Nuremberg, Germany, Viscom AG will showcase the successor of the almost legendary S3088 ultra gold, the iS6059 PCB Inspection Plus. Its new and faster sensor technology, data processing and analysis functions all stand for the best 3D AOI performance that meets the highest requirements in industrial use. The latest AI-supported software applications and technical advancements in X-ray inspection will also be presented to visitors “hands-on” at the booth.


iS6059 PCB Inspection Plus

NEW RELEASE: New AOI system with our also new XM+ II sensor. This system will be the successor to Viscom’s high-end AOI S3088 ultra gold.

S3088 ultra chrome

AOI inspection ‘work horse’ suitable for almost every industry

iX7059 PCB Inspection XL

Inline X-ray inspection system with a strong and fast 180kV tube for the big parts


Still the only system on the market combining AXI/AOI in just one machine


Manual X-ray inspection system with our robust and reliable 200kV tube


Software and Services

vConnect Software Suite

vConnect is the central user control for Viscom services and systems including informative and customisable dashboards with light and dark mode option for visual appearance, transparent condition monitoring and much more. Not only will this display machine data from Viscom systems but also from almost any source within your production line, using industry standards such as IPC/CFX, Hermes and also custom solutions. In addition, users can access our Customer Service, vAI services and our new Viscom Academy from within the platform. This can all be achieved using the device type of your choice (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet etc.).

Corner of Competence

For the first time, Viscom will be showcasing its digital corner of competence, a completely new way to discover all Viscom systems, software and more. This is tough to explain without seeing it in person, so please feel free to step by our booth to take a look and try it for yourself!


Viscom’s new brand for currently three (more to come!) AI-based services. Check out the booth for more!


  • Which issues are customers coming to you with?

We are regularly seeing our current and future customers coming to us needing to make sure that their electrical components work and will continue to do this on a long term basis.


  • How are Viscom products helping to overcome these issues?

Viscom provides the end of line control that our customers need to keep their own safety and reliability promises. In particular, when it comes to safety components in cars or the reliability of batteries in (not only) consumer electronics, Viscom is perhaps the safest bet. Not only can Viscom provide extremely reliable high-end inspection systems, the company is also future-proofing its high inspection standards with its new AI services brand called „vAI“.


  • What role does sustainability play in your business and why is this important to Viscom?

Sustainability plays a huge role in the DNA of Viscom. The company has been part of a Clean Energy Program of one of the world’s biggest companies for handheld and computing devices, showing that we don’t only promise sustainable production but that we actually deliver. In addition, we also make sure that our newly developed systems use only the amount of energy necessary and only when they actually need it. We even ensure the machines‘ weight is kept low to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible when it comes to delivering those machines to our customers. There is much we do in terms of sustainability, but listing everything in this small interview would be way too much.


  • Where can people go to find out more information on Viscom?

If you cannot make it to our booth (which you should, by the way!) then your first source of information will be, where you will find everything regarding our solutions and the company’s almost 40-year-long history!