Promation to host Technology Day and Open House

PROMATION USA, a world class leader in premium automated solutions, will be hosting an Open House and Technology Day on May 17th and May 18th 2023; at their North American Headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin USA.  The “All Things Robotic Soldering” Symposium will highlight the latest achievements in robotic soldering technology and provide new and existing users the ability to explore the latest robotic soldering technology offering.

Ranging from entry level robotic soldering systems, to high-end (data driven) robotic soldering work cells, attendees will be able to experience a hands-on demonstration of the soldering robots and learn about programming methods used by industry experts.

PROMATION USA has experienced a dramatic increase in robotic soldering sales over the course of the last 3 years and is expanding its on-site laboratory and showroom to include a variety of robotic soldering technologies and models for clients to explore.  The technology day will feature more than 10+ different soldering robot models and a technical conference (presented by Robotic Soldering Expert: Michael Goldberg, Vice President – PROMATION USA) to walk attendees through the robot selection process and considerations when exploring the aptitude of robotic soldering technology.

Furthermore, PROMATION USA is set to unveil the, highly anticipated, All New “M SERIES” Soldering Robot Solution at the event on May 17th.

 In addition to the standard line of robotic soldering solutions, the Award Winning PANDA Intelligent Robotic Soldering system (A premium robotic soldering work cell by PROMATION USA’s specialty robotics division: PANDA ROBOTICS USA) will also be on display at the event; showcasing the “Next Giant Leap” in the field of Robotic Soldering Technology – for electronics manufacturing seeking high-end precision and process data collection.

PROMATION USA plans on having a variety of peripheral technologies on display at the event as well, including:  TM AI Collaborative Robots, PANDA Laser Marking, Robotic Dispensing Systems, and Robotic Screw Driving Solutions.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce our latest technology to the industry”, says Michael T. Goldberg (VP -PROMATION USA).  “We have been continuing to push the boundaries of robotic soldering technology and what it means to be defined as a true inspirational leader and purveyor of technology.  This event will focus on the latest achievements in the field of robotic soldering and provide an intuitive and visceral experience to clients seeking to explore. Our educational approach will better allow clients to understand the many benefits of this technology in their own manufacturing environment.  We continue to see an enormous need from our clients to reduce human variables and increase the soldering process quality.”

If you are interested in attending the event, details can be found at PROMATION USA’s website below: