ZESTRON Europe: An Improved Application Engineering Team

An Improved Application Engineering Team at ZESTRON Europe

ZESTRON Europe recently welcomed two new process engineers to its Application Engineering department. The specialist electronic cleaning company from Ingolstadt, Germany, is expanding its technical customer support service with Milena Stephan M.Sc. and Benedikt Endreß M.Sc.

Part of their role is assisting customers with the development and implementation of electronic cleaning processes. At the Technical Center in Ingolstadt, the team carries out cleaning trials on client parts in a range of different systems and with custom chemical applications. The final report on test results gives the client a firm basis for their purchase decision on the right system and cleaner combination.

The process engineers’ job also includes surface analysis of the cleaned parts and selecting a suitable process monitoring system. The two new members of staff are also there to provide after-sales support whenever clients have technical problems. Mr. Endreß is responsible for German and Austrian clients, and Ms. Stephan for clients from Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Turkey, the Middle East and South Africa.