Altus Adds Ozone Technology to their Safety Solutions

 As Altus continues to expand its safety offerings, having welcomed another new addition to their portfolio of staff safety products. The Safeway range from Corpfolio incorporate ozone technologies to disinfect spaces and people to provide a safer environment for their users.


Safeway provides state-of-the-art disinfection solutions for businesses. The range includes the ‘Cabin’, ‘Tunnel’ and ‘Places’ each suited to different working environments. Free of any added chemicals, the products use ozone as the only disinfectant. Produced either from air or from water, it provides a safe and 100% natural disinfection which follows all health and safety regulations from the World Health Organization (WHO).


Joe Booth, Director- Altus Group said: “The landscape of manufacturing is rapidly changing to cope with the new pressures of the Coronavirus pandemic. Industry is trying to balance the economic impact whilst navigating safety related factors for the company. In response, Altus, has added a number of new products to support its customers. Safeway is our latest technology partner and is already receiving much attention.


“Ozone has been proved to be effective as a disinfectant of surfaces such as plastic, fabrics, rubber and wood, therefore it is perfect for use within the workplace. Ozone gas generators also give an ideal end of play disinfectant solution for entire offices with almost zero manual intervention required aside from setting a timer.

“The stats on Ozone are impressive. It is extremely effective as a disinfectant when used even in low concentrations and is 51% more powerful than chlorine on eliminating bacteria. In fact, it kills bacteria 3200 times faster than chlorine.

“The water ozonation system used within Safeway solutions is extremely safe. When applied in accordance with WHO recommendations, the system eliminates all surface viruses, causing no irritation to the eyes or skin and not affecting clothing and footwear.

“Another major advantage of ozone-generating systems is its safety and cost-saving credentials. It does not use any consumable except for water and electricity, therefore there are no increased costs with non-certified liquids, no other associated safety concerns and the result isnt the strange residue and stains you find with fogging.”

Ozone has unrivalled properties when it comes to destroying virus’ and bacteria, using its extra oxygen to oxidise germs. Safeway ‘Places’ is a small portable unit that works well in shared work-spaces to avoid manually cleaning rooms from top to bottom.


‘Cabin’ is a personal 3-step procedure for the disinfection of people, providing a private full body disinfection cabin, together with a hand disinfection dispenser and temperature measurement. The ‘Tunnel’ works just like the Cabin but has been designed for areas with high footfall, for example public locations where several people can be disinfected simultaneously.


Learn more about Ozone effectiveness here.


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