Register for the MESA UK Sustainability Event 2023 – 20th September 2023

The MESA UK Sustainability Event 2023, will be held at Fanuc UK, near Coventry, on the 20th of September 2023, free to MESA members, a small charge for others.

What’s New in Electronics  caught up with organisers Steven Hewitt (Rockwell Automation) & Michael Ford (Aegis Software) to find out more about the event….

Q: This event is focussed on Sustainability, why did you decide to tackle this now?

A: Increasing concern around sustainability improvements and reporting requirements, is being felt by manufacturers across the UK. With very little specific and impartial help available, there is a frustration as to how to go forward in a practical and cost-effective way. We wanted to create an event that would focus on providing UK manufacturers with insights into current best practices and discuss their specific needs.

Q: What expertise will there be at the event? 

A: There will be manufacturers who have implemented energy and sustainability initiatives themselves already, technology experts who understand great ways to solve some of the problems, implementation experts and consultants who can help guide on how to get the results you need. Hopefully there will be a few academics too, sharing some of the leading edge thinking around the topics.

Q: Is the focus specifically relevant to the challenges that industry and manufacturing face regarding energy, CO2 and sustainability?

A: Yes, although there are many other dimension that the world needs to consider and act upon (like transport and home heating) we hope that industry can at least do their bit around the material and energy consumptions directly under their own control.

Q: Will there be opportunities for Q&A and discussion?

A: As a group organising this event, we bring a certain perspective and understanding, but we expect that attendees will bring with them many interesting cases and examples for consideration and discussion. The presentations act as a starting point.

Q: This is a MESA event, an organization that supports digitization in manufacturing, but is a non-commercial organization. How does that make the event so much more compelling?

A: It can be difficult to find truly impartial advice. MESA is unique in that it brings together those in the industry who are closely involved in technologies and solutions, but in a forum that is strictly non-commercial. Attendees will gain insight and knowledge based on our experience and skills, without any bias.

Q: What do you intend to be the key values as takeaways form this event?

A: We would like attendees to feel far more empowered about how they approach the specific sustainability challenges that they face within their own organisations. Having the right knowledge and confidence is important in order to make the appropriate changes that result in conformance and compliance of evolving needs, but also with ideas on how to create benefit for the organization, based on cost savings related to sustainability, such as the reduction of energy.

Please register now for this event, as places are strictly limited: