WNIE and ASYS organise ASYS Technology Days together as a hybrid event

From November 9th – 10th ASYS invites customers to its 12th Technology Days at its headquarters in Dornstadt. In line with the anniversary year of ASYS, the motto of the event is “30 Years and Beyond”.

In lectures and workshops, participants will look back on an eventful history and get an insight of what lies ahead for the future. In a live exhibition, the global technology leader will showcase process and line solutions through to autonomous shopfloor solutions. Experts will be present on site to advise visitors at the exhibition.

Live Broadcasts from the event 

This year, the live event will be accompanied by a special online experience created jointly by ASYS and What’s New in Electronics. This means that customers who are unable to travel to the event due to the current world situation will also able to experience it. Kaz Pearman from WNIE will be reporting live from the ASYS Group Technology Days. Online interviews with management will be conducted, presentations will be streamed and product experts will share their technology highlights. In addition, WNIE and ASYS will provide virtual tours of the exhibition. All this can be followed along via www.wnie.online and the WNIE social media channels as well as via the ASYS social media channels.

The highlights of the ASYS Group Technology Days 

VEGO Smart Machine

ASYS became big with the idea of standardizing handling systems for the electronics industry. At the Technology Days, the evolution of ASYS handling is demonstrated in the VEGO product range. The next consistent step follows: Handling becomes smart. 

In the factory of the future, alternative forms of operation, such as mobile operation or voice control, will play a key role. Look forward to the “VEGO Handling Future Area”. Customers can discuss and develop the operating concept of the future together with ASYS. 

Product changeover made easy & VEGO operating concept of the future

To ensure that customers don’t lose any time during changeover, ASYS offers a cross-machine and automatic product changeover. The entire production line changes over successively from front to back – quickly, easily and error-free.

The manufacturing in flow

ASYS connects the entire factory with its MATERIAL LOGISTICS and PULSE PRO solutions. How? With open interfaces that make it easy to integrate third-party manufacturers. ASYS makes Smart Factory simple. Thanks to autonomous transport, production-related warehouses and demand-driven material flow control, just-in-time supply and increased process efficiency can be achieved.

Automation solutions for individual products

In the area of final assembly, ASYS relies on a modular platform concept. This platform is made for use in the various sectors of electronics, life science and energy. With the flexibly configurable machines, customer-specific automation solutions are realized. Via PULSE PRO, the ASYS software suite, operators are able to keep an eye on all relevant information and data. In combination with ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS solutions, ASYS offers the all-round package for complete production.

Fuel cell production – from manufactory to mass production

The demand for industrial mass production of fuel cells is high, but the experience is often not yet available. In order to integrate the process steps required for this into an overall concept, ASYS can draw on decades of know-how from electronics manufacturing.

From laser marking to laser welding

The possibilities of processing with a laser are versatile, no matter what the nature of the materials may be. At the Technology Days product experts will explain the mechanisms of interaction between laser radiation and material. Additionally, ASYS will show a brief presentation of the laser processes as well as the classification according to energy density and power, that will give insight into which lasers are suitable for which material processing.

More technological highlights will be presented in 14 Tech Sessions by the product experts themselves live at the machines. 

Don’t miss out and secure one of the last seats for ASYS Group Technology Days: https://technologydays.events.asys-group.com/?lang=en

Or login to WNIE and ASYS channels on 9th and 10th of November.