Vicor unveils high-power density solutions for space applications at Space Tech Expo in Bremen, Germany

Leading high-performance power modules company, Vicor, will be exhibiting its patented power module solutions for LEO/MEO-constellation communications  

Vicor, the high-performance power module solutions provider, is exhibiting at Space Tech Expo on Nov 15 -17, 2022. Showcasing how Vicor powers high power ASICs and FPGAs in the space and satellite industry, visitors can expect to see Vicor’s radiation-tolerant high-density power solutions in action via a live demonstration.  

The live demonstration will take place across each day and will provide an insight into the ideal Power Delivery Network (PDN) solutions for LEO and MEO satellites. Visitors to Vicor’s stand, (E46), can witness ripple, noise and transient response performance on a 150A, powered evaluation board using Vicor’s patented solutions.  

Alongside the live demonstration, Vicor will be offering attendees educational resources through presentations and discussions of the following ideas: 

  • Ideal Power Delivery Network (PDN) – Vicor radiation-tolerant power modules enable the ideal PDN for LEO and MEO satellites, providing high efficiency, high density, low-noise voltage conversion to power advanced network communication ASICs and processors. Learn more.
  • The Factorised Power Architecture (FPA) – FPA factorizes power from the traditional single function DC-DC converter into two distinct functions and power modules: a pre-regulation module, a PRM and a voltage transformation module, a VTM. The power switching topologies and control systems of each module are optimized for low noise and power losses, with zero-current and zero-voltage switching. The PRM and VTM components have high density, high efficiency, low noise operation and factorization allows the VTM to be placed close to the load minimizing board losses in high current applications. Learn more.

Matt Renola, Senior Director, Global Business Development, Aerospace, Defence and Satellite, Vicor Corporation, says, “Vicor has broken into a new market with the space sector and it’s important for us to continue supporting our customers in this arena by demonstrating our products and their performance suitability for LEO and MEO satellites. 

We are excited to connect with customers at Space Tech Expo to discuss the latest innovations in the industry and how Vicor modules can support those.” 

Visitors to Vicor’s booth can register for the show for free. 

For more information on Vicor’s satellite products and services, please download the brochure here or visit