The ASYS Group to showcase technology highlights at its Technology Days

From November 9th – 10th ASYS invites you to its 12th Technology Days at its headquarters in Dornstadt. In line with the anniversary year of ASYS, the motto of the event is “30 Years and Beyond”. In lectures and workshops, the participants will look back on an eventful history and get an insight of what lies ahead for the future. In a live exhibition, the global technology leader will showcase process and line solutions through to autonomous shopfloor solutions. Experts will be on hand to advise visitors at the exhibition.

Leading the way – 30 years of handling expertise 

ASYS became big with the idea of standardizing handling systems for the electronics industry. At the Technology Days, the evolution of ASYS handling is demonstrated in the VEGO product range. The next consistent step follows: Handling becomes smart. 

The ASYS experts exchange ideas with the customers and develop demand-oriented operating concepts of the future together. The visions range from mobile control to voice control and could soon be part of manufacturing reality. 

Another new feature in the VEGO range is the intelligent software function “Hole Blanking”. It detects PCBs with breakouts and ensures safe transport without product-specific position adjustments. In addition, even the smallest transport module is connected, following the mission of the ASYS Group: Automate, Digitalize & Connect. This allows the VEGO modules to trigger an automatic product changeover. No time is lost during conversion: manually at the push of a button or by automatically capturing the order ID, e.g. by means of a cell phone camera, the entire production line converts sequentially or in parallel as required.

ASYS automates manufacturing in stages

The overall solution from ASYS includes smart hardware and software solutions that monitor and control autonomous material flows across the entire shopfloor. The goal is to significantly increase manufacturing efficiency and material transparency by expanding the automation solutions. 

The fully automated solution takes effect from goods receipt. Material is given a customer UID label and automatically fed into the warehouses. This can be a central warehouse, but also production-related automated warehouses, such as the DryTower or the Material Warehouse, both products from the ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS range.

Intelligent, central storage solutions

The DryTower is a modular storage system for SMD component reels and JEDEC trays. Thanks to the connection to higher-level systems, autonomous material handling is possible without operator intervention. The system features a sophisticated and proven drying technology. Active re-drying of moisture-sensitive components is supported and a controlled storage environment is created. Starting with the storage of the components in the system up to the removal for production, all relevant data of the component processing are documented and can be statistically evaluated.

The Material Warehouse provides a smart storage environment for PCB magazines, trays and other materials in KLT boxes. It functions according to the chaotic storage principle and is also designed to be scalable. Thanks to unambiguous labeling, the stored goods are fully traceable and can be specifically retrieved at any time. To meet MSD requirements, humidity control is also available.

Fully autonomous – from the warehouse to the line, from goods receipt to goods issue

If material replenishment is required in production, the ASYS software suite PULSE PRO automatically creates picking lists according to demand, triggers material supply and thus ensures production.

In addition, partial and finished products can be stored intermediately or in storage, allowing the product flow to be decoupled automatically. For intermediate storage, ASYS provides M-Stations: these are modular roller conveyor systems that can buffer PCB magazines, reel containers, KLT boxes or trays in a highly flexible manner.

The materials are recorded and booked at every step of the process so that the stocks are always kept up to date. The location of the circulating material and the capacities of the various storage locations can be viewed, evaluated and fully traced live and from anywhere via a web interface.

Everything at a glance thanks to networked software solutions 

The PULSE PRO software suite offers a total of seven software modules. These help to control automated material flows on the shopfloor, to achieve dynamic just-in-time supply for each production step and to track all data flows. PULSE PRO thus closes the gap between the shopfloor and the higher-level MES/ERP systems. 

PULSE PRO easily connects between existing systems, adding functions that are not yet or only partially considered. Thanks to the modular and scalable concept, integration can take place in several steps if desired.

Cross-industry module concept

The strength of the ASYS Group lies in its broad positioning. The company can exploit synergies in the electronics, life science and energy markets. This becomes clear, for example, in the Final Assembly product area. Here, ASYS relies on a modular platform concept that can be used in all three business areas. Whether for medical devices, fuel cells or camera systems, the basis is always the same modular configurable platform. ASYS trumps with a broad expertise in process development and integration. Whether own processes or systems from partners, the customer-specific requirements are transferred to the individual assembly solution using the modular system.

ASYS even starts one step earlier here: Already when it comes to product design, experts are on hand to provide advice. ASYS advises on different process and design options and shows which potentials can be exploited in automation lines in terms of stability, performance and costs. Because the product design has a significant influence on the assembly solution and simple changes often make the difference here.

ASYS is characterized by comprehensive concepts. Especially for final assembly solutions, a connection to the software suite PULSE PRO is essential to enable analyses, to increase line efficiency and to relieve the employees. In combination with the ASYS MATERIAL LOGISTICS solutions, this product area offers an all-round package for the complete production.

More than 80 exhibits can be experienced live at the ASYS Group Technology Days 2022. 

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