“Stepping into the factory of tomorrow” round-table discussion

“Stepping into the factory of tomorrow” round-table discussion with MB Allen – Manager of Applications and Sales – KIC Michael Ford – Sr. Director Emerging Industry Strategy – Aegis

The panel discuss with Kim Sauer about how Industry 4.0 has taken the world of manufacturing by storm and how many debates centre around the enabling technologies, the role within the Internet of Things, and a concern that a true Industry 4.0 factory is a fully automated, soulless, ‘lights-out’ environment run by robots, cobots, AR/VR and AI. The panel debate how practical and relevant Industry 4.0 really is to today’s factories and whether technology can or will support or possibly even supersede human decision making.

Filmed on location at SMTconnect in Nuremberg Kindly sponsored by Mentor – A Siemens Company, Pace, Humiseal, Electrolube, Advanced Rework Technology, Koh Young, Cyberoptics and Aegis.