StenTech Appoints Greg Starrett to Director of Sales

StenTech Inc., the leading provider of stencils to the electronics manufacturing industry in North America, is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Starrett to Director of Sales – United States. An experienced and respected leader in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) industry, Starrett has more than 29 years of experience in all aspects of the business. 

Starrett is a true resource for laser cut stencil technology, from running the lasers and modifying stencil designs, to managing employees and securing millions of dollars of business. He has a thorough understanding of the SMT industry and practical, working knowledge of all aspects of the business which makes him an invaluable asset to StenTech and its customers. 

Because of his extensive and varied experience in both operations and manufacturing, Starrett is uniquely qualified to understand and anticipate the needs and challenges of existing and potential customers. His priority is to first connect with his customers so that he can understand and meet their needs. Starrett is both extremely knowledgeable and personable (never forgets a name!) and prides himself on being a trusted and reliable partner to his customers.

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