SHENMAO Introduces Cutting-Edge Low-Temperature Lead-Free Solder Wire PF735-LT201

SHENMAO America, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its PF735-LT201 Low-Temperature Lead-Free No-Clean Solder Wire. This advanced solder wire is designed to meet the evolving needs of the electronics industry, offering exceptional solderability and reliability for low-temperature PCBA soldering and rework processes.

The creation of PF735-LT201 stems from a comprehensive understanding of industry trends and challenges. With the growing demand for ultra-thin packages, the risk of package warpage increases, leading to production yield loss. SHENMAO’s innovative solution addresses this issue by offering a low-melting-point, lead-free no-clean solder wire optimized for low-temperature PCBA soldering and rework processes. 

The PF735-LT201 solder wire boasts a range of exceptional features, setting a new benchmark for soldering technology. The solder wire achieves remarkable solderability by incorporating special low-temperature rosin and activators, ensuring optimal adhesion and a strong bond. The soldering process with PF735-LT201 results in colorless flux residue, thanks to the inclusion of special surfactants. 

PF735-LT201 is halogen-free (ROL0) and fully compliant with RoHS, RoHS 2.0, and REACH regulations, aligning with SHENMAO’s commitment to environmental responsibility. With reduced splash and smoke during soldering, PF735-LT201 enhances the working environment while delivering excellent solder joint strength, reliability and resistance to thermal and mechanical fatigue.

SHENMAO’s LTS materials have the unique capability to reduce reflow temperatures, thereby decreasing PCB and substrate deformation. This results in improved production yield rates and elevated quality standards.

Discover the cutting-edge PF735-LT201 solder wire and experience the future of low-temperature soldering. For more information, please visit