Seika Offers Malcom SPS-2000 Solder Paste Mixer Demo Unit for Evaluations

Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, today announced that it has a demo unit available for the new Malcom SPS-2000 Solder Paste Mixer. This new version adds a number of new functions to make sure your paste is at its optimum condition for use.

Jan Laehn (The Fraunhofer ISIT in Itzehoe) reports, “The solder paste softener guarantees a homogeneous paste consistency via contactless mixing. Compared to manual mixing, the paste does not come in contact with any humidity in the ambient air while using the Malcom SPS. This is a real advantage and positively contributes to the overall quality. Additionally, it is repeatable.” The system has undergone extensive testing at the Fraunhofer Institute for silicon technology (ISIT) with the support of GPS Technologies GmbH, the distributor for Malcom products in the EU for Seika Machinery.

The SPS-2000 features high-speed mixing capabilities (approx. 1000RPM), resulting in shorter mixing times. The mixer can be programmed to automatically stop at a specified mixing time or paste temperature. The system’s temperature monitoring function allows the user to verify the paste’s optimum temperature.

The SPS-2000 can program and run up to eight user-specified mixing profiles. Programs are created via connecting a PC and using the software. The built-in auto balancer function automatically counter balances a single paste jar according to the amount of paste present in the jar.


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