Scienscope presents the simplest way to store electronic components at SMTA Guadalajara

Scienscope International, a leading American supplier of cabinet-style micro-focus X-ray systems, will exhibit in Booth 520 at the SMTA Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum to take place Sept. 21-22, 2022, at the Expo Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico.  Scienscope Sales Manager Mario Montano will showcase the Smart Storage Rack, the new Incoming Material System (IMS-100T) with a top and handheld scanner, and AXC-800 III Component Counter.

With expertise in machine vision, X-ray and automation, Scienscope is a one-stop solution provider for warehouse automation and optical and X-ray inspection.  Scienscope also offers customization based on your facility needs.

 The Scienscope Smart Storage Rack is the easiest, most accurate way to store your electronic components. It works best when integrated with a Scienscope Component Counter or an Incoming Reel Labeling Machine. You will have a precisely accurate inventory with a unique ID number; you will also know where each reel is stored for quick retrieval. Scienscope’s Smart Storage Rack automatically detects when each reel is placed and removed. Multi-color LEDs make simultaneous multi-kitting possible. Customization is available to fit your company’s needs. MES integration is accessible through a Scienscope counter or a Label scanner computer.

The award-winning IMS-100 features a high-resolution barcode camera system with an image-based algorithm that reads any barcode, even with defects. It reads and stores the information of four 7” reels simultaneously. As one reel is removed, a unique identification number label is printed, archiving reliable data that can be easily and conveniently traced.

 The IMS-100T, the newest version of the Reel Smart Lite, features a top and handheld scanner. The system allows for EMS/ERP integration in seconds. It captures multi-codes quickly and without errors, enabling seamless integration of any material. The Reel Smart Lite will help automate your incoming process and make the relabeling process safe and easy, helping minimize human error. Top scanner option available for additional collection of all your incoming material.

 Scienscope’s award-winning AXC-800 III is the third generation of the revolutionary X-ray component counter. By utilizing the state-of-the-art X-ray technology and intelligent AI algorithm, the AXC-800 III captures the images of the components inside the reels and uses AI to count the quantities. The AXC-800 III can count down to 01005 with an accuracy of 99.9 percent in seconds per reel. The patented Scienscope optical barcode scanner deciphers the barcodes simultaneously. The results can be uploaded to the MES system in real-time, and a new label will be generated automatically while the reels are removed from the machine. Click on the video below to watch the technology in action: