One-Man Operation Total Line Automated Coating and Dispensing Solutions by Anda at SMTAI

Anda Technologies, a leading provider of fluid application and custom automated manufacturing equipment, today announced plans to exhibit at the SMTA International Exposition, scheduled to take place Nov. 3-4, 2021 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. The company will highlight its One-Man Operation (OMO) total line automated coating and dispensing solutions in Booth #825. 


Anda’s OMO total line solutions have several advantages over traditional process lines. Product flow input and output occur at the same location within the line, allowing conventional manual flip for coating or dispensing on both sides of a PCB assembly. In addition, a single operator can both load and unload the PCB assemblies for the entire line significantly reducing labor costs. This also reduces handling time and the number of pallets needed for manufacturing processes of PCB assemblies. Depending on the process line, OMO can reduce up to 40 percent of the space required for a traditional line, virtually making it possible to double the capacity of any manufacturing facility.

Anda also manufactures advanced inline atmospheric plasma treatment systems that can be inserted into virtually any coating or dispensing line. Clean and activate assembly surfaces from topside only or from both top and bottom sides, treat in unison using nozzles above and below the substrate simultaneously, or operate each nozzle independently for maximum productivity. Plasma treatment improves wetting of coatings and the adhesion strengths of coatings and other dispensed materials. When materials are plasma treated, coatings and adhesives are significantly less susceptible to fail. Plasma surface treatment to electronics ensures maximum protection from coatings and glues and long product life for the intended device. 

To learn more, meet with Anda’s team at SMTAI in Booth #825 or visit