New cleaning agent for Power Electronics and PCBs

e16-14e-new-cleaning-agent-for-power-electronics-and-pcbsZESTRON, global provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries presents its latest cleaning agent for Power Electronics and PCBs.

VIGON® PE 180 is a water-based, pH-neutral cleaning agent developed especially for defluxing lead frames, discrete devices, power modules, power LEDs and PCBs in spray-in-air equipment.


In these application fields, the cleaning agent has two main advantages. On the one side it shows an excellent performance in deoxidation of copper surfaces when it comes to clean power electronics e.g. power modules. VIGON® PE 180 provides residue-free, activated copper surfaces and thus ensures optimum preconditions for subsequent processes such as wire bonding, moulding or adhesive bonding. On the other side it convinces with its very good cleaning performance on PCBs, especially at low-standoff components.


The new cleaning agent is based on the MPC® technology and has an excellent material compatibiliy because of its pH neutral formulation. VIGON® PE 180 has no flash point, does not foam and thus can be applied in all common spray-in-air equipment without explosion proof.

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