Multi-functional Rotary Cursor Controller delivers intuitive in-cab control

EAO Ltd., a leading supplier of HMI components & systems to the automotive industry has introduced a Rotary Cursor Controller module that provides intuitive multi-functional E1 in-cabin control in demanding automotive applications such as specialist vehicles, trucks and buses.

The latest additions to EAO’s popular Series 09 in-Cabin product family, the new rotary cursor controller provides intuitive operator selection and adjustment of for instance, user application interfaces, display and navigation settings and the adjustment of application parameters by integrating a rotary controller, a rotary pushbutton and a digital joystick in a small, rugged easy to fit module that press fits into a panel cutout measuring just 52.7mm x 80.2mm.


  • High-quality ergonomic automotive design with IP5K4 front protection
  • Delivers wide ranging functionality
  • Versatile and flexible: Ideal for many established and emerging in-cabin applications
  • Conforms to automotive standard IATF 16949
  • Available with CAN bus connection as communication protocol
  • Programmable RGB halo ring and symbol illumination (can be controlled separately)

According to Robert Davies, Marketing Manager with EAO Ltd, technology is playing an increasing role in HMIs for control applications in special vehicle: “EAO technologists have fully reflected this trend in the new Series 09 Rotary Cursor Controller which they developed in strict accordance with the internationally recognised IATF 16949 automotive standard”, Davies said. “The module offers an impressive range of application-specific configuration options spanning the communication interfaces, symbols and illumination. The three-dimensional tilt function of the joystick is realised in the X / Y direction and features integrated protection against unintentional contact and actuation to ensure safe operation even under the severest of operating conditions”.

The rotating, push and tilt functionality of the new Series 09 Rotary Cursor Controller is supplemented by a pair of stand-alone pushbuttons that can be configured with standard or custom symbols and optional HALO ring illumination.Protection against moisture ingress is ensured by conformity up to IP5K4, according to DIN ISO 20653. As with earlier products in EAO’s Series 09 in-cabin family of products, the new Rotary Cursor Controller is available in SUPER (RGB illuminated) and PLUS (red illuminated) variants.