MIRTEC to Display the ‘World’s Most Technologically Advanced’ 3D AOI System at Productronica 2023

 MIRTEC, the ‘Global Leader in Inspection Technology’, announces the release of their All-New ART Hybrid 3D AOI System at Productronica 2023. The World’s leading trade fair for the electronics manufacturing industry will take place Nov. 14-17, 2023, at the Trade Fair Center Messe München, Germany.  All are welcome to MIRTEC’s Booth #461 in Hall A2 for a detailed demonstration of what will undoubtedly be recognized as the World’s Most Technologically Advanced 3D AOI System!

MIRTEC’s All-New ART Hybrid 3D AOI System is the World’s first     5 Camera (75 Mega Pixel) / 12 Projection 3D AOI System.  This Revolutionary Inspection System combines five (5) 15MP CoaXPress Color Cameras with MIRTEC’s exclusive 12 Projection Digital Blue Moiré Technology for Precision 3D Inspection of finished PCB Assemblies.  ART stands for ‘Anti-Reflection Technology’, which is the core technology that is applied to this system.  As the name suggests, this system is specifically designed to inspect reflective objects, especially solder joints in high-end electronics manufacturing industries such as Automotive Electronics, Aerospace, and Defense. Since 3D inspection standards for these fields are relatively high, other 3D AOI systems equipped with conventional 3D technology struggle to meet these advanced inspection requirements.

The five 15MP Cameras that are applied to the ART system work complementary to one another.  If one of the cameras is unable to capture a clear 3D pattern image due to light saturation, caused by the reflective surface of the solder joint or reflected light from adjacent components, the system can still measure the exact height of the object and successfully restore its precise shape using the 3D pattern images captured by the other four 15MP Cameras. This principle is applied to the projectors as well. Thus, the ART system can provide reliable 3D inspection results every time. This capability cannot be achieved by current 3D AOI systems, regardless of whether they are configured with multi-cameras with a single projector or a single camera with multi-projectors.  In short, the ART system can inspect solder joints and other reflective surfaces which other 3D AOI systems simply cannot.

“We are very excited to unveil our latest Technologically Advanced 3D AOI System at Productronica 2023,” stated Wilson BJ Kim, President of MIRTEC’s European Sales and Service Division. “In all, MIRTEC will feature a total of six (6) Inspection Systems specifically designed to address the full spectrum of inspection requirements associated with the Electronics Manufacturing Industry. Most of them are equipped with innovative inspection solutions that are being presented for the first time at this show. We are confident that these systems will give the visitors a stunning impression.”

 MIRTEC’s Award-Winning MV-9SIP Hybrid 3D Inspection System features our exclusive Hybrid SiP Inspection Technology which combines MIRTEC’s 3D Digital Blue Moiré Projection Technology with a High-Resolution Blue Laser Scanner. MIRTEC’s proprietary 25MP CoaXPress vision system is designed and manufactured by MIRTEC for precise inspection of semiconductor post-process. With the combination of a 25MP 7.7㎛ ultra-high camera and the blue light digital moiré projectors, the MV-9SIP finds defects among densely bonded, micro-sized components such as 0201(㎜) size chip array. The Blue Laser Scanner applied to MV-9SIP was developed to measure objects that have surfaces with extreme optical properties such as high reflectiveness or very low reflectiveness. The core idea of this system is to use different inspection methodologies for each item that has different characteristics in a single platform.   For customers who require faster inspection in the SiP manufacturing process, MIRTEC provides a Dual Blue Laser Scanner option. This system is faster than the 3D Digital Blue Moiré System / Blue Laser Scanner configuration, but slightly less accurate.

 MIRTEC’s will display two different configurations of our Award-Winning MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI System.  Both machines are configured with a 15MP High-Resolution CoaXPress main camera combined with an 18MP Side-View Camera System, and MIRTEC’s exclusive 3D Digital Blue Moiré Projection Technology.  New to Productronica, one of these MV-6 OMNI Machines will be configured with a specialized 3D laser scanner attachment at the first stage of the PCB transport system for precision inspection of tall components. In this setting, the MV-6 OMNI is equipped with three (3) stage conveyors, and while the inspection is in action on the second stage of the conveyor, this specialized 3D laser scanner scans a waiting PCB on the first stage. When the PCB is moved to the second (inspection) stage of the conveyor, the MV-6 OMNI doesn’t measure the tall components. Instead, it loads inspection data from the 3D laser scanner on the attachment to reduce the cycle time. If the PCB has lots of tall components higher than 5㎜, the reduction of the cycle time will be dramatic. The other advantage of this system is height measurement capability. This system can inspect up to 75㎜ components in 3D, which is the widest height measurement range on the market. Furthermore, this is possible without Z-axis movement unlike other 3D AOIs, where there is no slow-down of the inspection time.

The second MV-6 OMNI machine is equipped with a CXP-12 data transfer interface, also known as CoaXPress 2.0. The data transfer rate with this system is twice as fast as standard CXP technology resulting in lightning-fast data processing speeds.

  MIRTEC’s conformal coating inspection AOI, GENESYS-CC is configured with a 15MP Camera, 15㎛ Precision Telecentric Lens, and 8 Phase Coaxial Color Lighting System that includes two stages of UV lights. 15MP is the highest resolution amongst the conformal coating AOIs in the market. This allows GENESYS-CC to provide more accurate and faster inspection compared to others. GENESYS-CC is also capable of measuring coating thickness from 10㎛ to 1,000㎛. Considering that the recommended thickness of coating in most acrylic and silicon coating materials is within 30㎛ to 70㎛, it is important to measure under 30㎛ thickness. Also, the optional flip conveyor makes double-sided PCB inspection possible without an external flipper. 

MIRTEC’s Award-Winning MS-11 3D SPI features our exclusive 15MP or 25MP CoaXPress camera technology, providing enhanced image quality, superior accuracy, and incredibly fast inspection rates. The MS-11 3D SPI is also available with a cost-effective 4MP Camera Link option. These machines use dual projection shadow-free moiré phase shift imaging technology to inspect solder paste depositions on PCBs post screen print for insufficient/excessive solder, shape deformity, a shift of deposition, and bridging. All MIRTEC 3D SPI machines are IPC CFX compliant and feature upstream and downstream Closed-loop feedback. In addition, if MIRTEC’s 3D SPI is connected to MIRTEC’s 3D AOI system, a new function called ‘Quick Tracker’ is available. This function allows users to check SPI inspection results with 3D images from linked AOI’s GUI.

MIRTEC’s INTELLI-PRO AI-Powered Process Management Software Suite will also be on display at Productronica 2023.  MIRTEC’s Award-Winning Total Remote Management System (TRMS) is a fully integrated Industry 4.0 Solution that combines remote management with real-time data monitoring and analysis for each system within the SMT production line. MIRTEC’s TRMS provides real-time remote monitoring of status information and statistical data such as equipment operation status, production yield, PC resources, temperature, humidity, etc. The combination of MIRTEC’s 3D inspection systems and TRMS provides a vast improvement in production process management.

The advanced Remote Debugging System (RDS) provides non-stop debugging from the remote terminal, but more importantly, it is the base application of the Optimum Inspection Tool (OIT), the AI assistant for the debugging process. The user can simply run the inspection on the PCB and review the results to determine if a part is good or defective. The AI-applied software will suggest optimal parameter values. From MIRTEC’s research, it takes approximately ten PCBs to get the optimized result under general conditions. These two software solutions help to reduce teaching time by about 90% compared to manual teaching, and 50% compared to auto teaching tools without Deep Learning. OIT is easy to use and highly accurate, so even a new operator can easily create the optimal inspection recipes.

The post-inspection stage is a process in which inspection results are reviewed and classified. When the AOI finds a defect, the PCB will be sent to an NG buffer. Upon review, an operator will be able to judge if the defect is real or a false call. MIRTEC’s Deep Learning Auto Defect Classification Tool can change that. This software will ‘suggest’ to the user whether the defect on a NG PCB is a real defect or a false call. However, as the software accumulates inspection data, the software will learn to identify real versus false calls. The predictions will become more accurate over time. Eventually, after approximately six months of learning, the software can then ‘judge’ the defect rather than ‘suggest’ to the user.

“AOI and SPI manufacturers continue to launch new features for their machines, however, it is nearly impossible to develop this technology in all directions,” stated Chanwha Pak, CEO of MIRTEC.  “Most manufacturers, including MIRTEC, continue to focus heavily on AI as a means of resolving issues such as false call rates, but many vendors have simply lost sight of the fact that that these inspection systems are based on Optical and Vision Technology.  If the inspection system is unable to capture clear images for data processing then “all bets are off”.  MIRTEC continues to invest heavily in developing state-of-the-art 3D Inspection Technology designed to satisfy the most demanding inspection requirements.  We look forward to welcoming visitors to Booth #461 in Hall A2 at Productronica 2023 for a clear understanding of why MIRTEC is regarded as one of the most Progressive and Dynamic Suppliers of Inspection Technology to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry.”