Meeting the increasing demands of semiconductor, automotive and smart device

With the exponential growth of electronics in cars, smart phones and homes, manufacturers are demanding improvements in throughput, yield and performance. Miniaturization and other technical challenges require continuous advancement in manufacturing equipment.

ITW EAE is focused on developing technology that addresses the needs of these markets. We have a strong relationship with the world’s leading manufacturers and work directly with them to identify areas that need further innovation. We are actively pursuing the benefits to be realized by Industry 4.0 and the resulting improvements in yield, overall equipment effectiveness, and lights out factory capabilities envisioned by our collective customers.

At SMT Hybrid Packaging (Hall 4, Booth 421), ITW EAE will be displaying and demonstrating the latest advances in the MPM, Camalot, Electrovert and Vitronics Soltec product lines including the debut of the Momentum II and two newly released options for the Camalot Prodigy dispensing system.

MPM will be debuting the Momentum II with a new paste monitoring system featuring temperature monitoring as well as upper and lower limit roll-height monitoring. These new features will improve yield and reduce waste by ensuring proper paste viscosity to avoid bridging and voiding and eliminate insufficient or excess paste volumes. There is also a new user-friendly graphic user interface.
Speed, stability, and precision are hallmarks of the CAMALOT Prodigy dispensing system. Now with the new Dynamic Dual Head (DDH) and the smaller, faster and sleeker NuJet pump you can dramatically increase yields while reducing the cost of ownership.

NuJet™ is the latest jetting technology from Camalot designed developed by Camalot to be Compact, Fast and Flexible”. NuJet eliminates the use of a needle and incorporates a state-of-the-art pneumatic actuator that generates an exceptionally fast operating frequency of up to 300Hz. Controlling the piston with a pneumatic actuator and closed-loop software achieves a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for consistent process results.

Key drivers in the design of NuJet, were durability, ease of use and low cost of ownership. Wetted parts are manufactured to resist abrasion from fillers contained in underfill and other materials. Maintenance is quick and easy with only 3 parts that need routine cleaning. And setup is automated through proprietary software controls.

The compact design minimizes mass and allows for extremely fast dispensing and exceptional control. And interchangeable nozzles, seats and pistons adapt the pump for use with a wide range of materials.

The Dynamic Dual Head (DDH) is the first and only simultaneous dual head dispensing system where each head independently adjusts in real-time for part-to-part variances. This unrivaled, patented technology can double productivity with no sacrifice to yield, effectively turning one dispenser into two.

The DDH uses vision alignment to determine the position of each part. Then the innovative mini XY drive system on a second Z-Axis makes corrections for part-to-part rotation and the z-height of each pump is adjusted for parts with inconsistent surface height. The result is perfect alignment on two parts at once.

The DDH is designed for any step and repeated product including Semiconductor packages, PCB’s, flexible circuits and panel designs. The combination of DDH and NuJet within the Prodigy provides the ultimate solution for dual head dispensing. The slim line design and low mass of the NuJet allows the pumps to be pitched down to just 28mm apart.

ITW Electronics Assembly Equipment (a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.), brings together the world-leading brands of electronics assembly equipment. Brands with reputations for advancing process perfection. The combined knowledge and experience of the ITW EAE group is driving further innovation and speeding the development of next generation technology. For more information visit

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