LISTEN: Brian O’Leary, Indium Corporation’s global head of e-mobility and infrastructure

Brian O’Leary, Indium Corporation’s global head of e-mobility and infrastructure, joins Kaz Pearman from WNIE Radio on What’s New in Electronics to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the global adoption of electric vehicles.

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In less than 25 minutes, they touch on topics such as the establishment of industry standards, charging technology and infrastructure, retrofitting for electrification, and other forms of “e-mobility” apart from typical passenger vehicles.

Brian O’Leary – Global Head e-Mobility & Infrastructure, Indium Corporation

Brian O’Leary is responsible for promoting Indium Corporation’s full range of products and services for e-Mobility, which includes electric cars, trucks, eVTOLs, charging stations, etc. He joined Indium Corporation in 2014 and has more than 20 years of experience in the electronics industry. He authored two books on thermal profiling called Profiling Guide for Profitability and Profiling Guide for Six Sigma. Brian currently serves as the chair of the IPC EV (Electric Vehicle) Quality & Reliability Advisory Group. In addition to regular technical conference participation, Brian co-hosts a free monthly webcast—EV InSIDER Live—with Loren McDonald of EVAdoption and a high-profile industry stakeholder as a guest. In the webcast, they discuss current pressing issues and hot topics in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle landscape