Indium Corporation to host U.S. Charging 2.0 EV InSIDER Live Webcast

The next episode of Indium Corporation’s free webcast series, EV InSIDER Live, will focus on the availability of public charging options in the United States on Thursday, Aug. 11 at 11:30 a.m. New York time.

Co-hosted by Indium Corporation’s global head of e-Mobility and infrastructure Brian O’Leary and Loren McDonald,EV InSIDER Live is designed to shed light on the most pressing issues from across the dynamic and rapidly evolving electric vehicle (EV) landscape.

For the August webcast, O’Leary and McDonald will be joined by Cory Bullis, senior public affairs manager, U.S. at FLO, a leading manufacturer and network operator of EV charging solutions. Click here to register.

In U.S. Charging 2.0: Building a More Reliable Public Infrastructure, Bullis will help O’Leary and McDonald navigate the steps necessary to improve public charging in the United States as almost half of U.S. households do not have the option to charge at home, making public charging stations critical for the country’s EV future. Today, the existing charging network is, unfortunately, receiving a failing grade. The webcast will cover the new U.S. regulations for uptime performance and how the industry can best respond while also delivering an A+ experience to the public.

Bullis has worked extensively on environmental and clean tech policy in multiple states, advising all levels of government and multiple industry associations on progressive climate, EV, and EV charging policies, among others. He leads FLO’s west coast and national policy work to reduce barriers to and increase consumer confidence in EVs and charging station technology. He currently serves as a board member of the EV Charging Association.

About EV InSIDER Live

EV InSIDER Live is a webcast series, co-hosted by Brian O’Leary and Loren McDonald, which sheds light on the most pressing issues from across the dynamic and rapidly evolving electric vehicle landscape. Conducted in an approachable, conversational format suitable for business executives, casual observers, and seasoned engineers alike, each episode features a high-profile guest from the EV industry.