HK Wentworth Announces Hakko New Distributor Status for Southern Ireland and a Brand New Website

Following the successful acquisition of Dancap Electronics in February 2019, HK Wentworth Group have been successfully distributing Hakko soldering equipment and parts throughout the UK. Awareness of the high quality Japanese brand and the customer base have grown significantly over this period.  Prior to the acquisition, HK Wentworth already held authorized distributor status for Hakko products in Australia and New Zealand, territories in which the brand has also experienced tremendous growth.

HK Wentworth have now been awarded extended distributor status to include The Republic of Ireland  and is delighted to announce the launch of a new website featuring a highly popular range of Hakko soldering equipment, tips, accessories and replacement parts The simple, clean format of the new Southern Irish website mirrors that of the UK, It focusses on a user-friendly experience allowing swift navigation and problem solving. Helpful ‘how to’ guides and videos fill the pages guiding the visitor through a purely educational experience. Frequently asked questions and trouble-shooting guides also feature on product pages helping the customer to make an informed decision.  Regular Tech Tips offer invaluable guidance on many aspects of soldering, desoldering and much more.   

From its international headquarters in Leicestershire, HK Wentworth has distinguished itself as a responsible, manufacturing leader, both overseas and at home in the UK. The company’s core strength is built upon the combination of the technical skills of its people and their ability to work closely with customers. The company also provides genuine security of scale and a reliable supply chain, owing to a strong network of subsidiaries and key distribution partners. With a long-standing heritage and customer-focused ethos, HK Wentworth’s high performance standards align well with the Japanese HAKKO brand.

Ron Jakeman, HK Wentworth’s Managing Director, comments, “This is an exciting development and we are delighted to extend our range of distribution and launch of the new Hakko website. HK Wentworth is proud to work with Hakko and views the additional markets as a great opportunity for continued growth. Hakko is a premium-soldering brand, yet for far too long has remained a hidden gem of the Far East and Australasian markets.” 

To learn more about Hakko products in the UK, please visit our brand new website or please feel free to email us at or call 01530 448950.