High Thermal Impact Reliability Water-Soluble Solder Paste from SHENMAO

SHENMAO America, Inc. has successfully developed a no-clean high thermal impact reliability solder paste. PF918-PW216 solder paste adopts the newly designed high reliability lead-free alloy (Sn/4Ag/3Bi) that achieves tensile strength performance 1.4 times higher than typical SAC305 alloys. 

 According to the cleaning process requirements of some customers, PF918-PW216 is a specially designed solder paste that is cleanable with water. Additionally, PF918 has superior thermal cycling reliability performance suitable for automotive devices and high-power components with high thermal reliability requirements. Board-level thermal cycling test results with a real automotive IC product show that the thermal cycling life of PF918 is twice as long as the SAC305 alloy.

PF918-PW216 is halogen-free (ORH0) and complies with RoHS. RoHS 2.0 and REACH. The innovative flux design provides excellent voiding performance. The paste has a similar melting point to SAC305 so that the regular SAC305 reflow profile can be applied.

PF918-PW216 is designed for consumer electronics, servers, automotive electronics and long service life electronic products with high reliability requirements.

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