Electrovert® introduces new DwellFlex™ 4.0 Variable Contact Wave Solder Nozzle

SCSAs PCB manufacturers continue to implement automation into high-mix environments, ensuring the wave soldering process has maximum performance flexibility is critical. To meet that challenge, Electrovert is introducing the DwellFlex 4.0 variable contact wave solder nozzle.

The DwellFlex 4.0 is the first nozzle designed specifically with Industry 4.0 automation in mind. The patent-pending design enables the wave width to be adjusted on-the-fly as variable board types are run through the wave. This ensures solder contact time is optimized for a high-mix of board types without changing conveyor speeds.

“Optimizing the length of time the PCB is in contact with the wave maximizes the potential for topside hole-fill without introducing copper dissolution,” said Greg Calvo, Electrovert Product Manager. “The DwellFlex 4.0 allows manufacturers to make machine parameter changes on-the-fly without disrupting or slowing down production.”

The DwellFlex 4.0 provides the highest level of soldering capability for thermally challenging and difficult to solder applications.  At full-width it delivers the most thermal energy and longest dwell time capability in the industry.  The DwellFlex 4.0 is flexible enough to meet high-mix requirements of today’s board designs and technologies and is ready for the smart factories of the future.

Electrovert will be conducting demos of the DwellFlex 4.0 variable contact wave solder nozzle at ITW EAE’s APEX, booth # 3339 January 29-31 in San Diego.