Altus Finds the Answers in Batch X-Ray with Scienscope Systems

Five years ago, Altus Group, a leading distributor of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, embarked on a new partnership with batch Xray inspection solution provider Scienscope. Since then, the systems have gained momentum as electronics’ companies look for ways to increase traceability and improve quality of manufacturing as parts increase in cost, both to improve manufacturing processes and reduce any risk of error.

Scienscope’s presence in Europe has grown exponentially, with the American company working closely with Altus to take advantage of their industry knowledge. Together with Scienscope’s dedicated team in the region who support sales and aftercare, it has resulted in unified support offering to ensure customers’ needs are met.

Joe Booth Altus CEO said: “Scienscope has gone from strength to strength over the last years with the support of Adrian Radu, European Sales Manager. They have focused their attention on the real pain points experienced by our customers across X-ray and component management. They have developed tools that solve those problems better than most of the providers in the market and with a more palatable price point.”

Scienscope comes into their own is when price to performance is critical. This is particularly important to Contract Electronics Manufacturers (CEMs) who require top quality results, alongside efficient and cost-effective processes.

PCBA X-ray solutions are often seen as too expensive to implement, but Scienscope is working to change that by offering affordable solutions with closed tube technology without compromising on performance. The X-Scope 3000 is one of the most popular X-ray inspection systems in the portfolio. It offers many advantages to help inspect highly complex PCBAs including a larger working area, automatic volumetric checking and measuring features.

“Scienscope’s X-ray systems pack a lot of functionality and a lot of performance for their price point and that is why we are winning projects. When it comes to component management, it’s also a no brainier as Scienscope has become a one stop shop to create gold standard component management and traceability. There are new generation systems coming soon from Scienscope that will really take the competitive advantage to a new level, so watch this space!”

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