AIM’s Ales Sedlak and Petr Bettinec Host Technical Training Session in Saint Petersburg, Russia

AIM Solder, a leading global manufacturer of solder assembly materials for the electronics industry, was pleased to have Ales Sedlak, Technical Support Engineer and Petr Bettinec, European Sales Manager present at a seminar hosted by Avanteh on February 4, 2020 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Attendees could also live-stream the event if unable to be present.

The presentation, “A Guide to Achieving Lead-Free Electronics Assembly,” detailed the material and equipment requirements for successful transition to lead-free. With the adoption of RoHS2/ReCast in 2019, all but the most sensitive electronic assembly applications must use lead-free solder alloys. While the subject is well understood, those unfamiliar with lead-free PCB assembly will need a supplier with the experience and tools to expedite a successful lead-free alloy implementation program.

AIM’s specialists reviewed the company’s suite of RoHS compatible products, their proper use and implementation, including low-temperature, high-reliability and cost-saving materials in addition to commonly used lead-free materials.

AIM’s global reach goes beyond a robust supply chain. Technical support includes educating our user base and sales channels to the proper implementation of AIM products in order to maximize performance, reduce overhead and speed production.

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