ZESTRON’s Denis Barbini, Ph.D. Presenting for IPC Engineering Webinar Series on February 7th

ZESTRON, ZESTRON, the forefront innovator in delivering precision cleaning solutions, comprehensive services, and expert training across the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor sectors, is delighted to announce the participation of Denis Barbini Ph.D., our esteemed Technical Solutions Manager, in an upcoming IPC Engineering Webinar Series. The webinar, “Overcoming the Challenges for Implementing IPC-J-STD-0001 in Your Factory,” will be hosted by IPC, the global association for the electronics industry. The webinar will be taking place on Wednesday, February 7th, 2024, from 1:00 – 2:00pm EST.

During the webinar, Denis Barbini Ph.D. will share practical strategies for successfully implementing IPC-J-STD-0001 standards in manufacturing environments. The session will guide participants in objectively evaluating material changes, acquiring quantitative data to mitigate risks, and incorporating tools for reliability. Expect valuable insights into overcoming common challenges and ensuring compliance and optimal performance in your manufacturing processes.

To participate in this informative session, interested individuals can register HERE.