ZESTRON Offers Free Webinar on Advancements in Solder Paste Printing

ZESTRON, the leading global provider of high-precision cleaning products, services, and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar titled “Advancements in Solder Paste Printing: Cleaning Compatibility of Jettable and Screen-Printable Solder Pastes in Advanced Electronic Assemblies,” scheduled for May 16, 2024, at 2:00 PM EDT.

Hosted by ZESTRON Academy’s Kalyan Nukala and featuring Evan Griffith of Indium Corporation, this webinar will delve into the growing trend of solder paste jetting in response to the demands of miniaturization and complex electronic assemblies. Nukala and Griffith will comprehensively examine the cleaning compatibility between jettable and screen-printable solder pastes, covering critical aspects such as formulations, reflow properties, and cleaning characteristics.

The webinar will showcase a detailed study incorporating four distinct solder paste formulations, each subject to various cleaning chemistries and adhering strictly to IPC standards for visual inspection, ion chromatography, and SIR (Surface Insulation Resistance) testing. Attendees will benefit from insights derived from these rigorous evaluations, gaining a clearer understanding of the best and worst-case cleaning scenarios and unveiling key findings essential for achieving optimal process efficiency.

Registrants for the webinar will be able to engage with industry experts, ask questions, and gain valuable perspectives on the latest advancements in solder paste printing and cleaning techniques. Interested individuals can register for the webinar HERE.