electronics industry newsZero Defects International (ZDI) and its strategic partner, Skyla Technologies,have announced measures to further increase their printed circuit board front-end engineering CAM service capabilities. This is in response to demand from the global customer base. Many companies are in need of extra CAM capacity in order to fulfill demand for defense, aerospace, medical and other PCB products.  Further, the inconsistent flow of new orders currently makes staffing and scheduling more challenging than ever. As such, Skyla CAM services not only provide for inexpensive additional capacity but are also serve as a hedge against the uncertainty of future needs.

Accordingly, ZDI/Skyla will continue to provide services utilizing the skills of well over 100 CAM staff engineers drawing upon more than 25 years of experience utilizing Genesis software.  As always, this is done reliably and flexibly on an overnight basis. Because outsourcing is a well accepted and secure practice, it makes sense to get started in order to be ready for new technology and markets in 2021