Zero Defects International [ZDI] has announced the acquisition by Sierra Circuits of a total of nine state-of-the-art X-Ray, AOI and SPI machines to perform inspections of the printed circuit board assemblies [PCBAs] manufactured in Sierra’s newly established facility in San Jose, CA.

Ken Bahl, Sierra CEO, mentioned selection factors including superior performance and equipment reliability but also the importance he placed on Viscom’s legacy reputation for technical service and support.  He added that “the systems installed  by Viscom will enhance Sierra’s ability to deliver zero defect product quality to customers”.  ZDI President, Michaela Brody, expressed appreciation for Sierra’s selection within a highly competitive environment for PCBA inspection systems.  Ed Moll, Viscom USA president, was quoted as saying that “this new partnership with Sierra Circuits represents the best of the industry relationships that Viscom values in North America and beyond”.

About Sierra Circuits
Sierra Circuits specializes in quick turn prototypes and medium production volume PCBAs and it’s primary focus is on delivering quality products with short lead times. By having both PCB fabrication and  assembly operations they control all aspects of the end product manufacturing process and also have the ability to electrically test all PCBA’s.

About Viscom
Viscom AG  manufactures high-quality inspection systems. The product portfolio encompasses the complete bandwidth of optical and X-ray inspection equipment, especially in the area of electronics assemblies. Viscom systems are used whenever 100% automatic inspection of electronics assemblies is required, such as in the production of automotive electronics, aerospace technology and industrial electronics.

About Zero Defects International
Zero Defects International has been a leading electronics sales and service company for over 30 years in Silicon Valley as well as many other areas within North America.  Main office is located centrally in San Jose, CA.  Products lines include high-end PCBA test and inspection systems ranging from X-Ray equipment to functional test hardware and digital microscopes.