Yamaha links outstanding results to teamwork with agents

Yamaha Motor Robotics SMT section has held its annual european distributor meeting, again hosting the team-building event online as agents joined from across the region.

Yamaha’s robotics business unit has recorded excellent results for 2021. General Sales Manager Daisuke Yoshihara applauded the contribution of the entire network towards the outstanding performance. “The energy of our team, and the many ingenious solutions created to safely support customers throughout the pandemic, have put us in a strong position to continue growing.”

The meeting included presentations to review the results and present business and sales strategies for this year, building on the strengths of the Yamaha One Stop Smart Solution. A peek at forthcoming promotions highlighted exciting new features to further boost the performance of the latest YR-series high-speed component mounters and high-accuracy inspection systems. Yamaha’s product team also described updates for the YSUP software platform that unifies advanced machine-control capabilities and an intuitive graphical user interface for extra productivity.

The Yamaha Distributor of the Year awards – the traditional event finale – celebrated the top- performing agents, nominating CORE-emt as Best Distributor for supporting the brand in northern Europe. Trusted Technology received the trophy for Best Service Provider, for its dedication to the customer base in Spain and Portugal.

Truth Electronic Manufacturing won the Special Achievement award, having installed the first Yamaha One Stop Smart Solution SMT line in southern Africa, at BITRI, the Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation. The team went above and beyond by also helping design and install all ancillary equipment needed to establish a modern electronics manufacturing facility.

For more information, please visit the website at https://smt.yamaha-motor-im.de/.