XDry Helps Analogic Keep out Moisture with Award-Winning Dry Box

XDry Corp., a leading supplier of humidity-controlled storage cabinets for manufacturing, laboratories and preservation, today announced that Analogic purchased a Dry Box.

For 50 years, Analogic has developed and delivered enabling technologies used in computed tomography (CT), digital mammography (DM), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

 In medical imaging, the company is a known leader of CT systems, MRI power systems and mammography detectors sold to OEMs around the world. Understandably, any company dealing in the medical field needs to adhere to stringent guidelines, standards and certifications. So when Analogic was in the market for a new humidity-controlled storage cabinet, it chose award-winning XDry Corp.

XDry, a winner of a 2021 Mexico Technology Award and leading supplier of humidity-controlled storage cabinets for manufacturing, laboratories and preservation, has been providing humidity-controlled storage cabinets for more than 15 years. The storage systems are self-contained and easy to maintain. 

“We were in the market for new low-humidity cabinets, and XDry fit the bill,” commented Jean Provost, Automation & Equipment Maintenance Technician, Analogic Canada.  “The construction is sturdy and clean. Contrary to some other manufacturers, all doors open independently and do not require a closing mechanism.”

With XDry, there is no need for nitrogen or compressed air – just plug the cabinet into the wall and it is ready to go. XDry cabinets are designed to displace moisture from multiple substrates, materials and mediums, in turn rapidly returning the RH level automatically to the desired set point on the LED control.


The cabinet environment can be maintained from ambient to 1% RH, providing constant and stable storage at precisely the required RH level. XDry storage cabinets satisfy standards such as IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 and IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020.

“Although we use them at 10% RH, they easily maintain their humidity,” added Provost.  “We wouldn’t hesitate to reorder these quality cabinets.”

XDry cabinets are the ideal solution for printed circuit board and moisture sensitive component storage. For more information, visit www.XDry.com. 

For more information about Analogic, visit www.Analogic.com.