Worlds First Commercially Available 10 GigaBit Radio Launched in UK

Link Launch Photo

UK-based RF Com Ltd in partnership with Elva-1 announces the launch of the world’s first 10Gbps Point to Point radio communications link.

If you would like to join us at The Tower Hotel London for a rooftop demonstration please contact Lyn Thomson ( who would be delighted to organise this for you.

These new PPC-10G generation of radio links are up to 10 times faster than the technology in current use. When used within the backbone of mobile communication systems such as 4G / LTE and future 5G systems this technology will allow ultrafast downloads and data streaming. Several of the UK’s mobile operators have expressed great interest in the 10 Gigabit system, they see this as an opportunity to provide enhanced services, where increased speeds would allow the download of a movie to your phone or tablet within 1-2 seconds.

Internet service providers will also benefit, their customers enjoying enhanced download speeds. The deployment of wireless systems being both fast and relatively low cost, these full duplex, zero footprint systems will provide fast efficient roll out.


The technology also lends itself to complimenting new and existing Fibre Optic networks, with the opportunity to provide “Last Mile” solutions with improved performance and lower costs. Full 10 Gigabit performance gives comparable speeds to the best existing optical networks. No more road and pavement digging all the way to the consumer!!!


Internet Protocol TV and Corporate Campus Networks are also applications where great benefit will be derived from the PPC-10G technology. Applications such as high capacity links for disaster recovery situations have also been discussed.


Consumers can look forward to faster, clearer services, greatly reduced download times, better connectivity and seamless access to services, entertainment and media.


These radios operate in the 71-76 and 81-86 GHz frequency bands, this offers a real advantage in that these bands only require a light licence, this provides further savings in terms of time and cost.

RF Com’s Managing Director, Ian Cains says, ‘this is a landmark day for us as a business, but also for the UK market.  It will now be possible to offer a solution that is ready now to provide the fastest, most accessible network anywhere globally.  We are incredibly excited about working with ELVA-1 on embedding this technology into the UK market – we’ve already had a huge amount of interest from mobile operators, wireless internet providers and fibre optic providers’.


Please contact Lyn Cains at – (07973 346866)  OR Harris Cains at – (07968 052406) for more information