WNIE TV Tour Dates


WNIE Live, NAEC Stoneleigh, 18-19 September 2019

Our WNIE TV roundtable debates will focus on a number of industry pertinent issues including the topics below and we are now actively seeking particpants!

Industrial Robotics: Trends, Challenges & the future

When it comes to the digitization of the factory or Industry 4.0, intelligent robots are a critical element as they enable new gains in productivity and employee safety. And as the manufacturing environment evolves, demanding ever more flexibility and volumes, these robots and cobots are evolving too with regards to advancements in size, sensing, safety, communication and power. This session will look at the latest trends in industrial robotics and explore what type of technologies and solutions are enabling and accelerating robotic integration within Industry 4.0 factories.

AIoT is coming!

As AI continues to evolve and IIoT devices proliferate, look out for AIoT as the latest stage in IoT development. The panel will discuss if and how AI can support IoT in a manufacturing environment along with its possible benefits and applications.

The SMART Supply Chain – Industry 4.0 beyond the factory floor

Certainly electronics manufacturing is being transformed and disrupted continuously and at ever increasing speeds: Industry 4.0, IoT, the evolution of digital technology and an accelerating need for organizational speed and agility. Much discussion is centred around the factory floor – this discussion will explore challenges and opportunities faced by the wider electronics manufacturing supply chain beyond the factory floor in today’s increasingly connected industry.

5G – what does it mean for the manufacturing industry?

Implementation of 5G, the next generation of mobile connectivity, is starting to be switched on around the world and is set to become the digital infrastructure over which all companies ultimately will do business. 5G is set to bring a revolution in speed, bandwidth and connectivity. But will it offer enhanced security to open the door for new types of connected products and services, will it transform organisations, and what does it ultimately mean for manufacturing?

The future workforce, skillsgap and initiatives

There is much focus in our industry on the evolution of our manufacturing processes in the digital age and many forward-looking organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to plan for a digital workforce as a top priority. This panel will debate the need and ways to develop a sustainable talent pipeline and the skills needed for the influx of changing and new jobs. Which avenues to talent our industry provides to help businesses source, encourage and mentor the skilled workforce they need now to operate efficiently tomorrow will be explored. In addition, the discussion will question whether companies are placing enough emphasis on putting quality, talent, equality and diversity at the top of their agenda and what hurdles may still need to be overcome.

Democratising Innovation – Opensource tools enabling the future (a DesignSpark Round Table)


We’d love you to join in the conversation so if you’d like to be involved either as a speaker or in our live audience, contact kirsty@wnie.co.uk or claire@wnie.co.uk now!