WNIE TV Schedule for SMTA International Seminar Theatre

What’s New in Electronics TV will be running 4 round table sessions over the 2 days of SMTA International, these sessions are free to attend.

Take a look at our programme below, if you are visiting make sure you come along and get involved in the debate.  If you are interested in being a panelist then please contact either Claire or Kim to find out more.


Day 1
12:45-13:00 AR/VR/MR – The Factory of Tomorrow’s Reality!
Round Table Topic Introduction:
Are virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality disrupting our industry? What are the implications of being able to instantly and effectively simulate everything from the factory floor, along the entire supply chain right through to the final product? In this panel discussion we’ll explore how transformative these technologies really are for our factories.
13:15-13:30 High Time to close the gender gap in STEM
Round Table Topic Introduction:
It is generally accepted that women continue to be underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. What are we doing about it in our industry? Are companies placing enough emphasis on putting quality, talent and diversity at the top of their agenda? This session will discuss the progress that is being made, some of the hurdles that may still need to be overcome. We’ll investigate what initiatives exist in the electronics manufacturing industry for women already working within the industry and what is being done to encourage more women to work in the industry.
Day 2
12:45-13:00 The SMART Factory – how SMART is SMART?
Round Table Topic Introduction:
What does it take to make the much talked about SMART Factory concept a reality and how SMART is SMART? This roundtable will reveal what progress has been made, what steps can be taken towards implementing a SMART Factory strategy, and how commercially viable the ultimate SMART Factory really is.
13:15-13:30 Is the EMS industry at the cusp of dramatic change?
Round Table Topic Introduction:
Are we rapidly approaching the tipping point of a paradigm shift for EMS as organizations come together to synergize their strengths and balance their shortcomings? If it’s better for our industry to be more closely integrated, is the EMS environment adapting as well and embracing collaboration as a key strategic measure? that delivers manufacturing services when they are needed, where they are needed, in the volumes required reality?
This roundtable discussion will address what it takes to achieve a collaborative and seamlessly integrated system and will debate whether the EMS industry is at the cusp of dramatic change.