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The WNIE TV studio at Productronica will be in Hall A4, stand 143 and will host round table debates, Industry Spotlights and WNIE Wines.


WNIE TV creates an engaging channel for industry information, roundtable discussions and exhibitor news from key global trade shows.

Tuesday 14th November – 14:30-14:45

Tackling Counterfeit reality – WNIE Studio.

There is an imminent, critical challenge facing every manufacturer in the industry. The rise in the ingress of counterfeit materials into the supply chain has made them prolific, though yet, the extent is understated. What’s the impact on quality, waht measure can be taken to counteract, manage and control counterfeit risk?


Tuesday 14th November – 14:45-15:00

Speed and agility : are business models being put to the test – WNIE Studio.

With ever shorter innovation cycles, speed and agility are more important than ever before in today’s electronics manufacturing environment. Is the current industry environment set-up to be able to respond to the needs of the ‘new-generation’ of innovators?


Wednesday 15th 11:00-11:30

Measuring Smart Factory IQ – WNIE Studio.

What does it take to make the much talked about SMART Factory concept a reality and how SMART is SMART? This roundtable will discuss whether there are levels of SMARTNESS (IQ) that fulfil given requirements and what steps can be taken towards implementing an IQ-led SMART Factory strategy.

Thursday 16th 11:00-11:15

The ‘Circular Economy’ and the electronics manufacturing industry -Productronica Main Stage.

The circular economy focuses on recycling and regenerating aiming to optimise the value of products, components and materials at all times – the cycle is no longer cradle to grave. The future is: cradle to cradle. But are we ready for the circular economy? This session will discuss the progress that is being made, some of the hurdles that may still need to be overcome. We’ll investigate what initiatives exist in the electronics manufacturing industry and what incentives exist to encourage more companies to embrace a circular economy strategy.

Thursday 16th 11:15-11:30

Leading the SMART-Factory evolution – Productronica Main Stage

What industry segments, players, suppliers are leading the SMART-FACTORY evolution? Who is driving progress: the suppliers or the customers? This roundtable will reveal who is driving progress , what gaps need to filled for a 360o implementation of the SMART Factory concept, and how commercially viable the ultimate SMART Factory really is. “


Thursday 16th 14:30-14:45

Shining a light on LED – WNIE Studio

LED lighting is booming! To enable it to deliver the many advantages over traditional lighting, a new generation of power electronics is required. The new challenges faced by materials suppliers and the solutions on offer will be discussed.

Other Sessions:


Industry Spotlights – Similar to our Round Table discussions, our industry spotlight sessions provide an opportunity to discuss broader trends, challenges and opportunities within defined segments. 


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What’s next? Trends & forecasts

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WNIE WINES – NEW! WNIE Wines provide a tongue-in-cheek platform to discuss, moan, celebrate and giggle about anything and everything our panels feel like. WARNING: Wine-consumption mandatory during filming (Disclaimer: we do not endorse, agree with, applaud or control anything that is said, implied or suggested in these videos)


Bored with Industry 4.0

Industry geriatrics on millienials

I remember when….


To find out how to get involved in any of these sessions contact either kim@www.wnie.online or claire@www.wnie.online