What’s New in Electronics Online launches next Open House on 5th October

electronics industry newsOpen House platform offers collection of exclusive digital content available to access remotely

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect usual working practices, the way we communicate and source new products and services has evolved. WNIE Open House was launched to provide a new method for companies to reach key contacts and promote their businesses.

The WNIE Open House is a vibrant and immediate virtual platform introduced to showcase company’s expertise or products. With a series of fortnightly virtual showcases which started in May, content is shared from the Monday ‘live date’ to the following Tuesday ready for the next promotion of the following event.

Our next Open House event goes live on 5th October.

Companies can choose when to go ‘live’ within the designated time and the slot is then promoted to the WNIE database via weekly newsletters; daily social media feeds and dedicated e-shots.

By being time limited, an immediacy and buzz is created, and by limiting the available slots to six for each Open House there is an air of exclusivity. Visitors can click directly to access content or WNIE can request their contact details.

Content can be provided in a myriad of forms – from video and radio interviews to webinars and technical articles – the only limit is the customer’s imagination.

While business travel is still difficult, Open House can act as a shop window from as little £350 ($435). It is a hassle free option to market your latest products, services and innovations and a platform to post content and technical presentations/papers. After the showcase date your archived content will still be available on wnie.online

Call us now on +44 1428 609 382 or email Claire@wnie.co.uk to find out more and reserve your slot for our next event on 5th October.