Weller offers complete range of fume extraction arms and accessories

Weller Tools, the world’s No.1 brand in hand soldering solutions, is pleased to introduce its extraction arms and accessories for the efficient extraction of dust, smoke and fumes. The company offers a wide selection of articulated rigid arms as well as flexible arms.

Depending on the requirement, arm kits include a variety of inlet funnels, bench mounting brackets, flexible hose and shut-off valves. For example, the Kit 1S WF Funnel Nozzle features an Easy-Click 60 one-joint aluminum extraction arm with funnel nozzle and stop valve.

In addition, Weller supplies service kits for wearing parts, including the Extraction Arm Joint Service Kit. This service kit includes a tightening knob and screw, two profiled washers, the inner pair of sliding flanges, two O-rings and two tube ends.

After repeated use of the articulated extraction arm, the joint/elbow may require a few spare parts to bring it back to new condition.