Waterproof Buzzers Developed for High-Moisture Environments


CUI’s Components Group today announced new additions to its range of waterproof buzzers. The three new models carry an Ingress Protection (IP) rating up to IP68 and feature sound pressure levels (SPL) up to 95 dB at 30 cm, making them ideal for a range of industrial and outdoor applications where moisture and other environmental contaminants are a concern.


The CPT‑1495C‑300 and CPT‑1495CI‑300 are piezo transducer buzzers housed in a 14 mm diameter package with a height of 10 mm. Specified with a rated voltage of 30 V and a rated frequency of 4.25 kHz, both waterproof buzzers are externally driven and feature an IP67 rating, SPL of 84 dB at 10 cm and an operating temperature range of ‑30 to 85°C. The CPT‑1495C‑300 mounts via wire leads while the CPT‑1495CI‑300 is wave solder compatible for high-volume production.



For applications where design for continuous immersion below 1 meter is needed, the CPT‑2521C‑500 offers an IP68 rating and an operating temperature range of ‑30 to 85°C. Housed in a 25 mm diameter package with a height of 21 mm, this externally driven piezo transducer buzzer features wire leads and an SPL of 95 dB at 30 cm. The series also features a maximum operating voltage of 50 V and a rated frequency of 3.7 kHz.


The CPT‑1495C‑300, CPT‑1495CI‑300 and CPT‑2521C‑500 are available immediately through distribution with prices starting at $2.39 per unit at 1000 pieces. Please contact CUI for OEM pricing. http://www.cui.com/contact


View details for the CPT-1495C-300 series



View details for the CPT-1495CI-300 series



View details for the CPT-2521C-500 series