Viscom vConnect at SMTConnect in Nuremberg, Germany

Claire Saunders from What’s New in Electronics speaks to Detlef Beer and Florian Martin from Viscom on their booth at SMTConnect to find out more about the company’s vConnect software solution. vConnect is Viscom’s platform for everything related to monitoring, predictive maintenance, and remote IT solutions for not only Viscom machines, but also for everything you can connect via the industry standards IPC/CFX and Hermes and beyond. By connecting to the internal service interface, tickets can even be created from the machine or from a cell phone from anywhere. A connection to the new Viscom Academy also guarantees that all employees receive their relevant training. And there is much more in development here. But first, let’s see what Viscom itself has to say about the current state of the software… WNIE TV is kindly sponsored by Humiseal, Koh Young Technology, ART, Kyzen, BTU, ECD, Viscom and Adaptsys.