Victor Madero to Represent PDR Rework & X-ray Systems in Mexico

PDR, founded in 1985, and today a leading manufacturer of BGA rework systems and X-ray systems, is pleased to announce that SMTVYS Technology is its newest manufacturers’ representative. Under the agreement, Victor Madero will represent PDR’s SMD/BGA Rework and X-ray systems throughout Mexico.

 Dave White, CEO of White Industrial Corporation, parent company of PDR Americas, states: “PDR Rework and X-ray Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of SMTVYS to represent PDR in Mexico. SMTVYS, a leader in the sales, support and servicing of industrial production equipment throughout Mexico, and PDR, a manufacturer of both rework and X-ray systems, are committed to providing firms in Mexico with superior technology and customer service by providing world-class rework and X-ray products for the Mexico EMS industry.”

SMTVYS offers solutions ranging from industrial equipment, spare parts, technical support, consulting, world-known brands of industrial equipment, automation, peripheral devices, electrostatic and discharge (ESD) solutions. The leading professional group was born out of the need for support and value for the manufacturing industry back in 2014 and the company has a large footprint in Mexico. 

PDR’s Micro Focus X-ray solutions offer both 2D and 3D (DTS) X-ray systems with truly remarkable image fidelity. Made in the USA, PDR X-ray systems are operator friendly and easily programmable with 4-axis fully motorized control to automate the pass-fail inspection of PCBs, components, and assemblies. 

Available in multiple kV configurations and Flat Panel Detectors (FPDs), PDR X-ray cabinets are built to integrate X-ray solutions from 60kV up to 160Kv, while maintaining safety standards of less t 1 uSv/hr (0.1 mR/hr) for radiation safety. PDR’s unique cabinet design provides customers with the maximum flexibility for upgrading X-ray system capabilities over the long-term, while still providing a safe and reliable X-ray system for the customer.