Vicor to present how to accelerate xEV design using 48V at Automotive HV Power Supply Systems Conference in Munich

High density power modules enable optimal 48V performance

Vicor, the high-performance power module company, will showcase its expertise in 48V on June 26-29 delivering two sessions at the Automotive HV Power Supply Systems Conference in Munich.   In the wake of Tesla’s announcement to move to 48V power, there has been momentum in identifying the best path to converting from 12V to 48V for automotive applications.   Vicor, the leader in 48V power designs, will explain the benefits of using 48V and how high density power modules make the transition easy, and enable flexibility and scalability for adoption.   

Greg Green, Director of Automotive Marketing, and Haris Muhedinovic, Automotive Principal Field Applications Engineer, will facilitate a discussion forum on “Benefits and Roadblocks for 48V Automotive Power Networks.” The interactive session will address practical 48V topics around performance benefits of 48V, best practices and architectures for implementation as well as the pitfalls to avoid.  

Green will also deliver a presentation on “Cutting-Edge 48V Power Networks Enabled by Miniaturized Power Modules.”  He will explain how to design space and weight efficient high voltage to 48V power delivery networks that offer the flexibility to transform xEVs. He will showcase how high density power modules using Sine Amplitude Converter for HV – 48V conversion can even support the elimination of the 48V battery from the vehicle power network.  Vicor miniaturized power modules are optimized for 48V conversion and deliver the highest performance and efficiency for automotive applications.

To learn more about high density power modules, their unique architectures and applications for vehicle electrification, stop by the Vicor booth for more information.

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