Vicor presents at EEHE automotive conference highlighting the impact of high-density power modules on EV power systems 

Attend a Vicor technical presentation and poster session at EEHE 2024 in Bamberg, Germany on 15 – 16 May.

Vicor, the leader in high-performance power modules, will present at Electronic & Electrical systems in Hybrid & Electric vehicles (EEHE) in Bamberg, Germany on 15 – 16 May, underscoring the innovative possibilities when using power modules in EV power delivery networks.

Nicola Rosano, Vicor Sr. Strategic FA/System Engineer EMEA, Automotive, will provide a technical presentation on “EM conducted Emission compliance for high voltage conversion at frequencies >1.3MHz” on May 16th at 12:00PM. Nicola will address EMI challenges posed by high-frequency DC-DC converters in his presentation and how to improve system design to address those concerns. He will discuss the intensified EMI concerns caused by rapid switching of currents, leading to harmonics propagation and mutual interference. Additionally, Haris Muhedinovic, Vicor Principal Field Application Engineer, EMEA Automotive, will address how power modules can reduce power system design weight and enhance overall performance in BEVs in a poster session on May 15th at 2:15PM. 

Stop by the Vicor exhibit booth to learn more about how power modules e are used in designing a 48V zonal architecture and high-voltage conversion throughout the vehicle.