V-Tek and Cybord enable electronic 100% income component check

V-Tek TM-50 reel-to-reel machine and Cybord’s electronic component inspection software solution check all components before boarding the SMT line.

In today’s volatile supply chain every open market purchase needs to be checked Cybord’s SaaS solution implements AI and big data technology that uses the images of the component top or bottom to authenticate every component, Keeping the image ensures lifetime traceability and immuning the product against counterfeit, age, defects, and cyber malware.

Cybord provides an inspection report for each electronic reel, including a quality score for each component.

“The fact is that if you don’t have additional software systems in place to ensure that parts, genuine and reliable, you’re taking a huge risk with your own business reputation and that of your customers”.

Our customers want to continue to fulfil the market demand; We must buy all components we need to keep product shipments, without any quality compromise. In today’s market, a zero-trust approach needs to be applied and every part must be checked.

V-TEK’s TM-50. The microprocessor-controlled sealer and stepper motor drive assure precise handling of images parameters for prices inspection.

Dr. Eyal Wiess: V-Tek high-quality precise machines ensure high-quality imaging of every component and enable Cybord analytic software to inspect 100% of the components scanned. We are excited to work with Cybord to provide our customers with inspection solution tools that enable our customers to continue to deliver world-class products even during turbulent component and production markets and help them deal with enormous supply chain challenges.

Mr. Zeev Efrat, Cybord CEO Said: Cybord Hybrid inspection solution for incoming test and onboard Pick & Place assembly line, V-Tek supported us this year with our customers and we are excited to support all V-Tex customers base with Cybord inspection solution.

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