Unique software for dispensing two-component fluids wins Global Technology Award for ASYMTEK Automated Ratio Calibration (ARC™) Technology

electronics industry newsASYMTEK, a part of Nordson ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS – a global leader in electronics manufacturing technologies, announces its latest technology has received the Global Technology Award 2020 for fluid dispensing equipment. Nordson Electronics Solutions developed the patent-pending software, Automated Ratio Calibration Technology (ARC™ Technology), to enable easier set-up and sustained mix ratios for dispensing two-component (2K) fluid materials. ARC Technology is part of a system, which includes ASYMTEK Vortik® progressive cavity pumps and ASYMTEK dispensing platforms, that ensures consistently accurate mix ratios by volume or weight to improve overall dispense quality. The award was announced by Global SMT & Packaging magazine during a virtual ceremony held September 29, 2020.

Electronics manufacturers recognize that today’s 2K fluids offer lower cost of ownership and greater process flexibility. However, it can be complicated to set up an application to accurately dispense the correct ratio of part A and part B materials, requiring manual calculations and time-consuming test iterations. ASYMTEK ARC™ Technology was developed as a feature in Fluidmove® software to simplify 2K setup and to control metering and mix ratios during dispensing operations.

“ARC Technology for our Vortik 2K pumps takes the manual process and human error out of the equation during 2K fluid dispensing to ensure you have an accurate mix ratio,” explained Sonia Aldridge, product manager, ASYMTEK Products. “We developed ARC by focusing on our customers to make it easier for them to deliver better results. We are happy to win this award.”

To complete a 2K application setup using ARC software, operators enter basic information including:

  • the mix ratio method (mass or volume)
  • mix ratio
  • fluid density
  • fluid working life
  • desired material flow rate.

The setup process is completed in minutes and operator errors are avoided because there is no need to manually calculate RPM values to achieve a desired mix ratio. Downtime is minimized and throughput is preserved. Log files provide traceability of dispensing process data.