TT Electronics Showcases Full Portfolio and Extended Partnership with Radwave Technologies at MD&M West

TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered technologies for performance critical applications, will be exhibiting at MD&M West 2022, the world’s largest medical design and manufacturing event, April 12-14 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. TT will feature its extended partnership with Radwave Technologies, focusing on bringing to market a new electromagnetic (EM) tracking platform for surgical navigation. The platform is fully customisable to enable increased accuracy in the tracking of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic devices utilised during surgical procedures where there is no clear line of sight.

The development of this unique technology offers a new solution for medical device innovators seeking to add improved EM capabilities to their medical products, and demos will be available on request at TT’s booth #3058. A number of the solutions contributing to this advanced new platform, including TT 6DOF Sensors, are being designed and manufactured at the TT Electronics Minneapolis facility, which last month received confirmation of its registration from the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The registration allows the company to manufacture finished medical instruments and devices, like imaging and diagnostic systems, in the USA.

TT will also showcase its core specialties, reflecting the company’s strategic focus on sustainability and developing technology solutions that enable a smarter, cleaner, healthier future:

Medical grade power supplies and solutions – reliable power conversion and management solutions that drive product performance while maintaining efficiency and safety, such as power supplies for clinical care, therapy and well-being, and home healthcare, as well as miniaturised coils, transformers, and inductors uniquely developed for implantable devices and surgical navigation

Smart sensors and passive components – designed to capture data, inform decisions, support data analytics, and enable artificial intelligence, these include non-contact, Hall effect sensors, infrared optical switches and arrays for detection of objects or fluids, and fixed and variable resistors for current sensing, power management, and signal conditioning

Connectivity Solutions – built to connect, sense, track, and monitor, including wearable IoT devices, and wireless devices communicating over GSM and LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT for use in fast-paced healthcare and pharmaceutical environments

● Low-volume, high-mix global manufacturing in FDA-registered facilities – engineering, test development, system integration and fulfilment services for imaging/nuclear and monitoring equipment, diagnostic instruments, and cardiology and electrosurgical devices

To learn more about the Radwave platform integrated with TT’s surgical navigation sensors, click here to schedule a private demonstration at MD&M West or visit the TT Electronics team at MD&M West Booth #3058.

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