TT Electronics receives grant from Innovate UK

electronics industry newsUK Aerospace Research and Technology Programme awards funding to TT and other members of the AEPEC projectin effort to foster the nation’s competitive position in civil aerospace

TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today announced it will receive Innovate UK funding for furthering innovation in the nation’s civil aerospace industry. These funds have been awarded to participants in the Aerospace Electric Propulsion Equipment, Controls & machines (AEPEC) project led by Safran. The project also brings together 3T PRD, MEP, Midland Tool and Design and the University of Bristol as part of the consortium being supported by Innovate UK.

Over the next five years, TT will receive an overall award of £620,157 with the majority funded within the next three. TT’s Innovate UK grant will be allocated primarily to support and accelerate the development of more electric aircraft via the company’s increasingly integrated power electronics solutions designed specifically for deployment in propulsion and control system applications.

Engineering Director at TT Electronics, Julian Thomas, notes “TT is firmly committed to ensuring we play our part in creating and supporting the future of the Aerospace and Defence industry. This Innovate UK recognition supports our pledge to advance industry progress with more electric aircraft – an initiative that is of critical environmental importance, especially over the next few years.”

“TT Electronics being a recognised and competent supplier of electronic power conversion equipment to the aerospace industry, has been selected as part of the consortium to work on the pivotal AEPEC project, which will deliver key technologies for the future of flight,” said Naveed Sheikh, Head of R&T, Rotating Machines Business Line, SAFRAN Electrical & Power UK Ltd.